2024 Offerings
Building and Providing Structure for Your Team's Component Libraries
I specialize in helping teams create complete and scalable component libraries within Figma while providing the education and training necessary for long-term success and scale. I ensure library components use the latest tooling features and best methods to align Figma with engineering teams and production environments.
Design System Office Hours
For teams already or planning to build complex and robust component libraries, a little help to ensure you're on the right path can go a long way. I offer a recurring personalized monthly hour for support, education, and insight on the best practices to rely on when creating libraries within Figma to form a more extensive design system.
Personalized Figma & Design System Training for Teams
I offer tailored instructional and demo-led sessions, focusing on the latest features and methods of working within Figma. Each training session includes the option to use components from your team's design system, helping individuals and teams gain a new level of confidence and understanding of Figma and the component libraries they rely on to create their best work.
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