Figma training for individuals & teams.

Hi there, I'm Joey! I'm a product designer who focuses on design systems at scale, and I love helping designers feel more comfortable and confident using Figma.

About these trainings

Previously at Figma, Twitter, and now at Webflow, I enjoy helping teams work efficiently and effectively in Figma to build design systems that scale and remain organized with time. I formed Baseline in September of 2021, and I'm incredibly grateful to have had nearly 300 sessions with designers at all levels and from companies of all shapes and sizes.

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Find the best session for you and what you would like to focus on within Figma.

Figma Basics


This session is for those who are just getting started with Figma and want to learn the things that will help you succeed in all areas of the tool.

Design Systems


From building and organizing components, and creating and working with component properties and variants, there's a lot to cover!

Auto Layout


In this session, we'll cover everything needed to know for how to create designs with the tool and tips on how to adjust design system components that already have Auto Layout applied.



Figma can be extremely powerful when it comes to prototyping your designs. This session will be focused on going from design to prototyping and the iterations between, with tips to help you save time as you go.

Open Session


Have questions about workflows in Figma or needing general design feedback? This time is for you!

Team Trainings


When it comes to working in Figma as a team, there's a lot to learn! Team trainings are a way to help everyone quickly feel more comfortable with Figma.

Design System Audit


Looking for a comprehensive review of your design system? In this session, we'll walk through your design system in detail, prioritizing organization, scale, and the questions you have.